November 1, 2018

Mechanica Rebrands Neighborhood Health Plan

MEDIA POST by Larissa Faw // November 1, 2018

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Creative agency Mechanica is partnering with talent branding executive Lisa Colella to launch Truist, a talent branding company designed to help clients with talent attraction, acquisition and engagement.

Colella will serve as CEO and work closely with Mechanica CEO Ted Nelson to grow the offering as a stand-alone entity while being closely intertwined with the creative shop.

“With the ‘war for talent’ now a common topic of conversation in the boardroom, it’s clear that talent branding is being recognized as an integral part of a company’s success,” said Nelson.

“To date, talent brand marketing has been a low-quality backwater compared to the efforts the same clients put into their consumer facing brands,” says Nelson. “Social media is blurring the lines between a company’s talent and consumer brands. And the talent brand must now look and feel of the same quality as the consumer brand if it’s to be taken seriously in today’s fiercely competitive talent landscape.”

Colella has over 12 years of experience in recruitment marketing and employer branding through both agency and in-house roles, most recently at Philips.

The name Truist reflects the firm’s focus on “enabling the real truths of both a company and their people to be uncovered, aligned, and holistically expressed in inventive ways,” says Nelson.