Abt Associates

Abt Associates, who essentially created the modern-day Public Policy model, had changed significantly since its founding in 1965. But the brand lagged behind the realities of Abt today, which now includes a thousand employees in their International Development practice. The brand needed a major refresh that could honor its past while integrating its various activities into a dynamic, global, and unified “One Abt.”

Abt’s culture was very flat, collaborative and data-driven. It was filled with Phd’s who were also owners of this large non-profit meaning we needed to structure a process anchored in collaboration, inclusion and iterations to ensure that the input of the Board plus over 40 critical stakeholders was heard and could tangibly impact the process. Our in-depth global stakeholder interviews combined with a first-ever quantitative survey of global NGO decision makers resulted in a brand positioning anchored in the power of creativity and commitment to achieve true transformation at scale. Our Governing Brand Idea of “Bold thinkers driving real world impact” was also manifested in a transformed visual brand identity and internal roll-out program. The new President, as well as the CMO, credited Mechanica’s efforts with enabling the organization to unite a house divided and become “One Abt. Worldwide.”