Raytheon’s cybersecurity business, along with two other acquisitions, were merged into one. The resulting company, Forcepoint, needed a compelling new brand to compete in an extremely competitive market.

At the time the industry was mostly focused on outside-in approaches, adding layers of protection to perimeters and endpoints. Driven by our research and brand narrative work, combined with Forcepoint’s unique product strengths, we identified a human-centric positioning focused on protecting from the inside-out—starting with people. We applied this positioning to a simplified messaging and product architecture, updated Vision/Mission/Values, and worked closely with their internal agency and external demand gen partner to bring the new brand to life across all touchpoints.

Our Activation work included a thought-leadership program with the Wall Street Journal, anchored in the question, “If cybersecurity were created today, what would it look like?” Targeting Boards and the C-Suite, a content-driven teaser campaign led up to Davos and a speaking engagement by Forcepoint’s CEO. This was followed by a series of animated videos capturing the visions of industry leaders.

This highly integrated effort drove to online surveys, webinars and in-person conversations about new approaches to cybersecurity. The program exceeded WSJ historic engagement metrics by over 50%, leading to a significant increase in meetings and opportunities with Fortune 500 C-Suite members.