Art Science Labs, a culinary think-tank, hired Mechanica to help them launch a new product: air-based energy that provided the same amount of caffeine as a large cup of coffee. The core challenge became: How do you generate interest in a product nobody has ever heard of or knows how to use. Compounding the challenge, we had to work within very tight timeframes and budgets to quickly create a brand from the ground up, conducting user research and segmentation, developing positioning, naming the product, and creating its visual brand identity. This was followed by developing packaging, social content, and retailer co-op strategies and tactics.

Dream Greens

Aeroponic farming is the way of the future. To launch AeroFarms’ new products and brand, we collaborated on everything from strategy and consumer insights, to brand ID, product naming, packaging, and ultimately consumer marketing. Today, AeroFarms is the commercial leader in indoor farming.


iZotope had identified a gap in the market: a high-quality, easy-to-use recording solution for musicians. Spire Studio revolutionizes how artists from Pete Townshend to Dr. Dre capture their song ideas, evolve them, and share them with the world.

The challenge? Create a new market segment for Spire Studio, stealing share from large, entrenched competitors with deeper pockets.

Downeast Cider

The cider category was growing rapidly with competitors popping up daily. Cider also faced negative perceptions as a whole from certain audience segments whose opinions were skewed by the saccharine-sweet profile of the more mainstream ciders. To maintain strong market share and re-spark growth, Downeast needed to lay claim to its status as a pioneer in the category in ways that would appeal to a broader, cider-drinking audience, while at the same time resonate with their existing, loyal following.

Lucky Vitamin

Lucky Vitamin had built a strong, online supplements business based on price, selection and service. But those differentiators were fast becoming table stakes in the category, and a brand overhaul was needed. Our work included the new Governing Brand Idea “Spread the Wellness,” which conveyed Lucky’s expertise and commitment to helping people on a journey towards better health. This and other efforts, including brand ID and a redesign of the online experience, helped drive consistent growth over the next three years.