Thank you Abbott Labs for your interest in Mechanica. We’ve compiled relevant case stories for you below inclusive of their challenge, brand positioning, and creative execution.


While every engagement is customized to meet the unique needs of our Clients’ business, brand and customers, a formal process, such as the one outlined below, is critical to success.

  • 1 Intelligence Gathering

    Intelligence Gathering

    • Assessment of work done to date, trend and competitive audits; stakeholder interviews spanning key organizational leaders, customer and prospect experience mapping, influencers and implementers, combining qualitative and quantitative research methodologies.

    • Services:

      Immersion Sessions, Quantitative Research, Qualitative Research, Business Analytics, Experience Assessment, Landscape Assessment

  • 2 Insight-Driven Collaboration Session

    Insight-Driven Collaboration Session

    • A highly collaborative, day-long session with a team of key stakeholders in which research insights are discussed and a range of possible brand positioning options are reviewed and pressure tested across the customer’s journey; cross-functional implications are explored and a final brand position and architecture is agreed upon.

      We have developed a proprietary Insight-Driven Collaboration Session (ICS) methodology
    • Services:

      Positioning/Brand Architecture, Customer Journey Development, Persona Creation, Brand Strategy, Organizational Alignment

  • 3 Engagement Strategy

    Engagement Strategy

    • An actionable roadmap for maximizing brand experiences across all relevant opportunities mapped across the customer’s journey in order to create, deepen and extend relationships with clients and prospects, customers and shoppers. Data-driven development of an ideal paid/owned/earned/shared media mix and cadence for maximizing impact.

      Brand Engagement Strategy Best Practices
    • Services:

      Engagement Strategy, Experience Strategy, Ecosystem Development, Future State Journey, Content Strategy, Thought Leader Programs, Measurement

  • 4 Creative Brand Platform

    Creative Brand Platform

    • The development of foundational creative elements that express the brand positioning.

    • Services:

      Governing Brand Idea, Campaign Development, Brand Identity, Style Guide, Naming, Pattern/Convention Library

  • 5 Brand Activation

    Brand Activation

    • Development of creative elements as governed by the approved Engagement Strategy.

    • Services:

      Point of Sale, Direct Marketing, Experiential Marketing, Web Development, Online Advertising, SEO/SEM, Online/Offline Collateral, Events, Social Media, Packaging, Viral Marketing, In-store, CRM programs, Internal Communications, Experience Design, Optimization

AllWays Health Partners

Our health insurance client Neighborhood Health Plan was largely known for serving people on Medicaid. With a new shift in focus on the commercial market, NHP needed to reposition their brand in order to shed their “Medicaid plan” perception. After strategic assessment of a range of approaches—from incremental to transformational change—it was decided that NHP would need a complete brand overhaul. Our challenge was to create and market this entirely new brand in just a few short months.

New brand. New promise.


Art Science Labs, a culinary think-tank, hired Mechanica to help them launch a new product: air-based energy that provided the same amount of caffeine as a large cup of coffee. The core challenge became: How do you generate interest in a product nobody has ever heard of or knows how to use. Compounding the challenge, we had to work within very tight timeframes and budgets to quickly create a brand from the ground up, conducting user research and segmentation, developing positioning, naming the product, and creating its visual brand identity. This was followed by developing packaging, social content, and retailer co-op strategies and tactics.

Saucony Seeker Stories

Interestingly enough, loads of people who run don’t consider themselves runners. Not surprisingly, these same people feel disconnected from most running brands. This online video series helped Saucony connect with this audience by highlighting non-traditional runners, and the different things they seek when they go for a run.


iZotope had identified a gap in the market: a high-quality, easy-to-use recording solution for musicians. Spire Studio revolutionizes how artists from Pete Townshend to Dr. Dre capture their song ideas, evolve them, and share them with the world.

The challenge? Create a new market segment for Spire Studio, stealing share from large, entrenched competitors with deeper pockets.


For those familiar with in-home care, Caregiver Homes was a well-known and respected brand. But their parent company Seniorlink had little, if any, awareness. With a need to elevate the Seniorlink brand as the company positioned itself for new technology rollouts and other strategic considerations, we partnered with them on a rebranding effort to build a foundation for future growth while aligning more closely with current success.

As part of the new brand promise we helped create – “Standing with the Caregiver Nation.” – we developed a series of videos that honored caregivers and their efforts.


Seniorlink builds Collaborative Care Solutions that leverage human touch and technology to integrate and activate consumers, caregivers, payers and providers to deliver person – centered care, resulting in better outcomes at lower cost.

Lucky Vitamin

Lucky Vitamin had built a strong, online supplements business based on price, selection and service. But those differentiators were fast becoming table stakes in the category, and a brand overhaul was needed. Our work included the new Governing Brand Idea “Spread the Wellness,” which conveyed Lucky’s expertise and commitment to helping people on a journey towards better health. This and other efforts, including brand ID and a redesign of the online experience, helped drive consistent growth over the next three years. 

Dream Greens

Aeroponic farming is the way of the future. To launch AeroFarms’ new products and brand, we collaborated on everything from strategy and consumer insights, to brand ID, product naming, packaging, and ultimately consumer marketing. Today, AeroFarms is the commercial leader in indoor farming.